Christmas Wishes for best Friends

Merry Christmas! A great friend is as good as Santa Claus!

Christmas means good friends.

Merry Christmas, old pal! May Santa be good to you!

Seems like we’ve been friends as long as there’s been Christmas!

A good time with a good friend – that’s what makes Christmas Christmas!

The nicest Christmas present I could hope for is your friendship.

Christmas is the best time to have a friend.

Christmas past or Christmas future – we’re always friends.

Two things you can count on at Christmas – Santa Claus and me.

Christmases may come and go
But in the end
No matter when the Christmas is
We’re always friends.

A merry Christmas comes from a merry friend!

It’s always Christmas with a friend like you.

I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas as long as we’re friends – forever!

A Christmas when you’re happy is a Christmas when I’m happy. That’s what friendship means.

My best friend is my best Christmas present.

Have the best Christmas, my best friend!

Here’s a gift from me to you
On Christmas Day:
I know that we’ll be always friends
Come what come may.

It’s friends like you who make Christmas merry!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a good friend to enjoy it with me.

Want to know what I want for Christmas? A friend like you!

Friends like you make it Christmas Day every day – but it’s best on December 25th.

The wreath and the holly and the tree are important – but a great friend is more important. Merry Christmas!

I used to think Santa Claus was the best friend anyone could have – then I met you!

My favorite Christmas present isn’t a package under my tree. It’s a friend like you by my side.

I’ve never had a better Christmas than this – or a better friend than you!

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