Christmas Wishes for Couples

Seasons come and go. Things change continually, so rejoice in the fact that you are a couple and that you have each other to share life’s challenges with. Couples are good friends with a shared history.

Enjoy Christmas together, this special time, to reflect on your togetherness. May you both, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Christmas find time to celebrate the truth that you are together – a couple.

Be grateful that you have each other to share this Christmas time with. Bless your companionship. Experience this loving season together and may the time you share as a couple cement your relationship and develop future joys.
May you be grateful for your lives as you live them and may the beautiful joy that is Christmas always guide you.

Christmas time is a gift to you both, a gift of freedom to enjoy and share. It is a time for a couple to think, remember and understand. Live while you are alive and united, travel the road together and give thanks.

Pray and be thankful for all the good things that couples share at Christmas. Be grateful for the companionship, love and blessings shared on life’s ever changing road. Let the light and love that is Christmas stay with you both throughout the coming years.

Share the joyful silence that is Christmas. Be full of light and love and be your own star and hero.

Being a couple is hard work at times, there is always another to consider. But love is the deepest secret and all difficulties can be overcome when this secret is realised. Take time at Christmas to celebrate being a couple.

Find time to escape the hustle and bustle of Christmas and celebrate being a couple, a twosome, a unit. Two people who are comfortable together have their own personal cloud. Enjoy it, laugh and have fun at Christmas.

Give gifts, not just at Christmas but when you can throughout the year. Little things like hand-picked posies or a food treat reinforce the togetherness in a relationship. Being a couple is special, let time together at Christmas revive your souls. Reflect on changing needs as you journey on together. Embrace life and all its surprises, love what you do together. Make time for each other at Christmas and in the midst of everything remember that you are a couple – keep it that way.