Christmas Wishes for Grandfather

This is to wish you all good things at Christmas.
Thank you for being in our lives and sharing holiday times with us.
May the love that is Christmas and the joy you bring into our lives continue throughout the coming year.
We wish you health and that a sense of the sacredness and wholeness of life stay with you.

At Christmas, special Grandfather, I wish you peace. May the love that is Christmas stay with you throughout the year.
You live so vibrantly, your faith, hope and courage inspire me and influence my daily decisions and life journey.

At Christmas, Grandfather, and throughout the coming years, I wish you every
happiness and good health.
You have always been an inspiration and your advise over the years has been sound. Thank you for teaching me to live in the moment, to stay in the here and now and eliminate, by doing that, anxiety and regret.

Thank you, special Grandfather, for the love you have given me and the family over the years. You mean so much to us all. At Christmas I pray that you are well and that the love that is the Christmas season enfolds you. I thank God that you are my Grandfather and that I have experienced the joy and happiness you share with those around you. You have guided me over the years with advise straight from your heart. Thank you.

No other Grandfather in the world could ever be so dear. Thank you for being my Grandfather.
I send best Christmas wishes to you my loving and kind Grandfather. Thank you for listening, for suggesting, advising and guiding me with your wisdom.
You are a good friend when things go wrong and share with huge pleasure the joy when things are right. Always strong and patient, you will remain always deep in my heart this Christmas and throughout the coming years.

Christmas wishes for a special Grandfather, for a Grandfather who has shown uncompromising love me for me over the years.
Grandfather, you are a treasured friend, with a thoughtful, loving heart.
May the blessings of Christmas enfold you now and throughout the year.
You are in my prayers and I thank you for your continued concern, love and guidance.