Christmas Wishes for Kindergarten Teacher

To wish you peace and every happiness at Christmas time. Kindergarten teachers have the patience of Job. You have spent the year looking after our precious children and now it is time for you to rest, have fun and re-charge the batteries.

Thank you for being a kindergarten teacher. Thank you for caring for our children, for teaching them values, how to play and get on with others. May the love that is Christmas wrap you and keep you safe and well over the holiday period.

You take our precious children on the first step of their education journey. Thank you for your caring, teaching and loving.
May your Christmas be special. May you find peace and rest and return next year rested and ready for a fullfilling year.

Thank you for being a kindergarten teacher. My children are so happy in your care. They have loved the lessons that you teach and are inspired by the projects you create and guide them in. Thank you for stimulating curiosity and motivation. You are kind and help the children in your care to reach their potential.
I wish you every happiness at Christmas and all good things in the coming year.

To a number one kindergarten teacher – have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for opening up the minds of our young ones, for showing them the wonders of the world. Thank you for teaching the boys and girls in your care the wonders that are around them. For sparking their intelligence and encouraging them to think for themselves.
All year long you have stretched and strengthened the curiosity of the young.
Now, at Christmas may you be blessed and have the time to follow your own interests and hobbies.

Thank you kindergarten teachers for helping our young children find their way in this world, for helping them become independent.
May the caring that you have showered on the young through the year, come back to you, wrap you and comfort you.
May you this Christmas have time to rest with family and friends.

Christmas wishes for a good kindergarten teacher. You are a shining light, helping the very young at the beginning of their life journey. You inspire curiosity and teach basic life values such as sharing and being friendly and honest.
May your Christmas be the happiest one ever, full of friends and fun.