Christmas Wishes for Long Distance

“Sending Christmas wishes to you, heartfelt wishes filled with love and light. Although you are far away from my sight and I miss you more and more each day. I’m reaching out to you today, to say, in this most precious way, have a wonderful, spectacular and a very Merry Christmas day!”

“Sending you Christmas wishes filled with so much joy, love and light. Although the physical distance between us exist and I can’t help but miss seeing you and your lovely smile each day, the closeness we share in our hearts cannot be measured by limitations of space and time. Know that my heart remains with yours always. Have a wonderful Christmas!”

“Christmas greetings to you my dear friend. Even though there are many miles between us, I want my extended wishes to warm your heart during this very special time of year. Have a wonderful Christmas day and know that wherever you are, my heart is always right there with you.”

“My beautiful family, being apart from you at this time of the year is a challenge. However, knowing that I am in your thoughts as you are in mine, somehow makes the miles and distance disappear and the sun inside of me shine. Although I’ll truly miss seeing your smiling faces, as you open up the presents that we share, the many memories of your excited smiles stay inside my mind throughout the year. I’ll miss the Christmas dinner that Mom and my siblings help prepare, but the thought of all of those dinners spent, enjoying the spirit of the season and good cheer are never far, they are always near. These memories never leave me and whenever accessed, they always manage to make me smile and for this I am truly blessed. Happy Christmas to you my family and know that all of the wonderful moments we have shared together, continue to evoke great feelings of love, joy and tenderness every day of the year.”

“I’m taking this moment to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This will be our first year apart but know that your love forever stays inside of my heart. And even though your body is not near, your heart, inside of mine, always stays close and dear. Miles are real, like the feelings I feel, so special greetings to you this year!”