Christmas Wishes for Lover

It is the time of year to stay warm and in love
The time of year to celebrate our happiness together
The time of year to express our joy
For the time is Christmas – and we are here as one.

Christmas greetings from a lover can be expressed in many ways;
A kiss, a treat, a playful sonnet,
The whisper of a promise, a playful jest,
The seduction of a memory and a pleasurable time,
The season for giving and taking the care,
These are my wishes and for you they endure!

The presents are round the tree,
The dinner is being prepared,
The lovers are ensconced in their joy,
All of the signs are right
For a beautiful memory of a perfect holiday.

Staying warm and healthy with a perfect love,
Is the recipe for a joyful Christmas,
A treat is in store,
For those who have found their ideal match,
Their ideal partner in a sacred time,
Of blessings, peace and loving romance.

When Christmas comes around,
We become transfixed and cheered by the sound,
Of carols and songs,
Laughter and joy,
And cheers of greeting,
And tender romance,
Happy Christmas and a happy New Year
To my special love!

Faith in beauty and love can make everything possible,
Hope can bring it all together,
Charity is the key to community,
Love makes all of these things beautiful,
Here are the essential wishes for you this season,
Merry Christmas and a loving New Year!

Wintertime love can be perfect for bringing warmth to our hearts,
For bringing smiles to our faces and joy in our eyes,
For lighting the spark of the homeland fire,
The celebratory feast of remembering our dreams,
The perfect time for enjoying each other’s spirits and health,
For enjoying the parties at home with our favourite guests,
The memory of a happy and relaxing occasion
To see our way through the promise of a new and unique year!

Exciting prospects lie ahead
Relaxing at home and lying in bed
The promise of a warm and happy holiday
Has been given to us in express form
The prefect present of happiness and love
Is our gift to each other at this time of year!