Christmas Wishes for my Daughter

To our daughter – remembering you at Christmas and all the treasured memories we shared.

To a wonderful daughter who brings us such joy and happiness at Christmas.

Such a treasured memory of your birth on Christmas Day, dear daughter – you are so special

My cherished daughter – I remember all the happy Christmas memories we shared during your childhood.

Hoping you will be with us this coming Christmas. Daughters are such fun at Christmas.

My daughter, you are a shining star looking down on us at Christmas.

You are an angel from above – Have a wonderful Christmas, sweet daughter.

We will miss your happiness and jolly jokes this Christmas season. Have a fun-loving Christmas celebration cherished daughter.

To our daughter – even though you are miles away, you will be in our hearts on Christmas. We love you!

Daughter – we wish you and your family the best Christmas ever.

Daughter, you make every Christmas a time of joy, love, excitement and special memories.

Little daughter of ours – you bring us such love, happiness, and magic at Christmas. You are our darling.

Wishing our daughter a Christmas filled with happy dreams, abounding joy, and peaceful thoughts.

I remember your childhood Christmases, my daughter. On Christmas morning, your eyes sparkled like diamonds, your smile was full of happiness and your sweet voice showed such excitement. Those were wonderful times.

Daughter, this Christmas enjoy all things wonderful – a beautifully decorated tree, gingerbread houses, music ringing through the house and the happy squeals of children.

To our daughter – remember all the family Christmas traditions we enjoyed through the years. Hope you will be with us next Christmas.

Little daughter
Have a jolly, jolly Christmas
Have a happy time this year
Have a jolly, jolly Christmas
Make it the very best one, my dear
Much love!

To my wonderful daughter – take time this Christmas to reflect on the peace, love and joy of the season.

My heart is filled with such love and happiness of this Christmas season. Tucked inside my heart is a very special love for you, my special daughter.

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