Christmas Wishes for my Uncle

Having an uncle like you is all I need to get me through.

Uncle, your wonderful sense of humor brings so much light to an already-wonderful time of the year.

Uncle, I know that you live far, but on Christmas, I’ll be thinking of you wherever you are.

Since I was little, you’ve treated me like one of your own. Know that without you, Christmas will just not feel like home.

It’s not Christmas until you’ve arrived!

You make me smile, laugh and sing with joy; thank you for treating me like one of your own little girls and boys!

While we may not be blood-related, you will always be an amazing uncle to me at Christmas and all through the year.

While we may not be able to see each other much, I cannot wait to give you a great big Christmas hug!

At Christmas, I know I’m truly blessed to have an uncle like you.

A sibling to one of my parents, Uncle, Christmas isn’t right until you’ve arrived!

We all eagerly await your arrival on Christmas morning.

This year, Uncle, please do not bring any gifts. All we need is you home for the holidays.

My favorite gift on Christmas morning is to see that you’ve finally arrived.

Maybe we do not live in the same house, but Christmas is not home until you have arrived.

As the years have passed, we’ve traveled far and wide, but Christmas with you is still my favorite time!

Each year, I look forward to the Christmas season we have together; here’s a cheers to so many more.

Cheers to you my uncle during this blessed Christmas season.

Uncle, you are one of the greatest gifts God has sent me.

Uncle, during this Christmas season, I want you to know that you’re more than an uncle; you’re a best friend too.

I see our family tree resting in your eyes and our yearly Christmas tree resting in your heart. These memories are wonderful reminders when we are apart.

To my favorite uncle, may you be blessed at this holy time of the year.

Christmas isn’t quite the same without you there.

Christmas is a special time when families need to gather ’round.

During the Christmas season, I am certainly blessed to call you uncle.

On this special day, all of the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents will gather to give thanks. One of the greatest people for whom we should give thanks is you.

Christmas just isn’t the same without my hilarious uncle!

Uncle, you bring so much laughter and hilarity to each and every Christmas season.

While we might not see each other through most of the year, I can always be certain that Christmas with you will bring so much cheer.

Christmas is truly a time for giving, and you give me so much joy.

When we learn how to love, we really experience Christmas. Uncle, you have truly taught me how to love.

The Christmas season just would not be the same if you weren’t there with all of your laughter.

Even though we live far apart, on this Christmas, I’ll truly have you in my heart.

Christmas is truly a season of joy and peace, and you are a major reason we have those two qualities in our family.

Without you, Christmas just would not be what it really is.

My favorite uncle, you have always made Christmas my favorite time of the year.

I don’t wait for the gifts under the tree; I wait to see you each and every year.

Even through the cold snow, you will surely warm our hearts.

Although the weather may be freezing out, we certainly have enough warmth in our hearts when you are here.

Uncle, you bring so much warmth to the family during the Christmas season.

We may see you but once a year, but in those moments, your presence is enough to give us an abundance of cheer.

The joy we receive from seeing you keeps us motivated all year.

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