Christmas Wishes for Nephew

Dear Nephew

Fruit cake, eggnog and mistletoe are here, so we know Cristmas has come and with it all the wonderful times that we are able to share with our loved ones. That means you! Our special times together doing things we love or just sharing time, being peaceful, are the best part of our year. Snow filled days and nights may soon sneak up on us, blanketing the world in perfect, silent times. My thoughts turn to you, dear nephew on Christmas day as we remember the family fun that makes our time on earth so very special. As a special member of our family, we know that you hold our hearts as we do yours, and wish for the most beautiful Christmas day for our very special boy.

Dear sweet, special and funny boy. Jingle bells are ringing and Santa is getting ready to remember where you live, our special boy. Watch as him and his reindeer fly, fly, fly over snow and sleet and tall mountain peaks to a special spot on the map meant just for you. Families will gather round the tree to see what he has brought and how extra, specially good you’ve been all year long. Lovely times are ahead with people who love you and hold you close to your hearts at this happy time, and all year long. Never doubt, young man, that you make our days special and warm and fill our lives with your unique spirit and laughter that make you a joy to love.

Dearest Nephew, so funny and bright. We love you at Christmas, as we love you all year long but at this special time for friends and family we hope your heart is happy and light and filled with the sights and sounds of Christmas lights, candles, cake and tinsel and that the snow is beginning to turn your world soft, peaceful and light. Christmas is a time to jump and play and enjoy everything that is good about the funny, joyful days of the holiday season. The perfect time for young boys like you to sled down hills and eat too much cake, while you wonder about tinsel and presents under trees. As we share the lovely days of Christmas and the new year to come. May your visit from Santa bring what you truly want and keep that lovely, precious smile on your face.