Christmas Wishes for Nurses

This Christmas, I hope you realize that I am most grateful for you; you are truly my hero.

Even if you have to spend the day work, know that with your personality, it’s impossible for the spirit of Christmas to not be with you.

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the love and care you show for all of humanity.

Christmas is about the birth of Christ, and Christ gave up so
much for the world. You truly emulate that spirit and give up so much for the well-being of others.

Christmas is a time to give thanks for the most important people in our lives. Know that I truly do give thanks for you.

Nurses are so special, especially at Christmas when they bring
comfort to those who are suffering.

Having you as my nurse is truly the greatest Christmas gift I could have asked for this year.

Knowing that you are the one taking care of me is truly the greatest Christmas gift this year.

Although I am in the hospital this Christmas, you have truly reminded me of the spirit of the holiday.

Yes, we are in these hospital beds. But you’ve brought so much joy to this season of green and red!

Nurse, you have truly shown me what it means to be a caretaker and to change the life of so many people. These lessons are the best gifts I have ever received for Christmas.

The gift of life is what you gave to me this Christmas season. Know that I am eternally grateful.

Your genuine spirit and compassion for other people are the only gifts that I need this Christmas.

My Christmas has been truly enhanced by the presence of you as my caregiver and friend.

During Christmas, we begin to realize that nurses are much more than just caretakers: They are angels sent by God to heal both the body and the soul.

This Christmas, I am proud to not only call you my nurse but to call you my friend as well.

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