Christmas Wishes for old Friends

Time withers many things but not this bond of love
As the time draws near for the birth of Christ,
May you be showered with blessings from above.
May the light of the Savior show you the way,
May you learn to cast away the shadows of the day,
Let there be love and happiness all the through
Good health and peace heartily embracing you!

As you weave your way through the alleys of life
Remember you need to do only one thing to survive;
Know that God is guarding you all along
You only need to trust your heart and be strong;
It is human fate to be toiling and striving
Only to be victorious with the moral fibres shining;
For children of God are we all
And cannot let down our master through our fall;
On the eve of Christmas discard your worries
Enjoy each day and be satisfied with its glories;
This is the wish of an old friend of yours
Observe how wonderfully love endures!

This is my wish for you my friend
As you sit for the dinner tonight,
When the church bell sounds at the town’s end
And the northern star shines bright,
That each day may you paint a masterpiece
On the eternal canvas of time;
That the life you decide to lead
Creates a melodious hymn;
May you never fail to observe the glories of nature
Keeping your heart open for one and all
May mirth, merriment and tranquillity become a permanent feature
Of your life this day and as years roll!

That this day is brighter than yesterday and more dazzling than the day before is owing to you my friend! You taught me the values of being patient at difficult periods and bear the minor irritations of life with grace. Have faith in the strength of our own souls. I can clearly see now how your presence enriched my life. My heartfelt wishes for you on this occasion, Merry Christmas!

From you I learnt to observe the beauty of a rain soaked zinnia, see the reflection of my own eyes on a single dew drop precariously hanging on the edge of the grass. The sun kissed mornings felt warmer because of the warmth of your heart with which you greeted me each day and the soft moon defied the dark cloud because you whispered the words of strength in my ears all through. May I wish you a life brimming with joy, verve and love, Merry Christmas!