Christmas Wishes for Recently Bereaved

To wish you the Peace of Christmas at this sad time.
May the love of Christmas touch your heart and give you peace and joy.
I understand the loss you feel but believe that with time, the pain will ease.
It is difficult to see beyond the death of a loved one but life goes on, things continually change and the cloud lifts, the rain stops.
Enjoy the love of your family and friends at Christmas.

Carry the happy memories of Christmases past with you through this holiday season. Let them light up your heart.
There is joy and light at the end of this sad time, stay strong, remember the love at Christmas and let it lead you to happier days.
May the love that is Christmas wrap you and hold you safe and still. Read the Christmas Story and let the love that is Christmas enfold you and fill you with peace.

Love was born at Christmas, let Jesus into your heart to wash away the sadness. May you find happiness this Christmas remembering past fun times with your children and the days you all spent together.
When the days are grey and it seems that the sun will never shine again, spend time counting blessings and remembering the fun and past loving times.
Christmas is a season of love. Be patient, with time the sadness will pass and you will move on with a heart full of joy and happy memories.

May the Love that came at Christmas fill your heart and give you peace.
Enjoy Christmas-tide, take the days as they come and experience the love that is around you. Live the moments well, stay in the here and now, ease into the future.
Let the words of truth and love at Christmas fill your heart and mind. Carry them with you and let the sadness you feel slip away.
Find courage at Christmas to express your sadness and let the love of friends and family fill your heart and soul.

May you find the strength to enjoy this Christmas time. It is a time to share with family and friends. May you find joy in the Christmas message of love that will help ease your sadness.
You are in my prayers at this sad time. I believe that at Christmas you will find peace, that your sadness will ease and you will find joy bells ringing in your heart again.