Christmas Wishes for Respected Person

The signs this year all point to a joyous celebration,
Sending you all the best possible wishes on this day of days,
A glorious holiday and party awaits,
With all the trimmings and offerings of warmth,
A fantastic time for peace and harmony
Happy Christmas wishes to you!

Christmas is the time of year to put it all into perspective
To raise the truth, and make pleasure the objective
With utmost respect and cultivated airs
The scene is just right for joyful care
A maximum of warmth and comfortable grace
Can be etched along the walls and your pleasurable taste
A celebratory time for all with ideas
Of how to please humankind with songs and cheers.

Christmas can be a time for understanding and for forgiving
A time to celebrate the love and comfort of family and friends
A time to make the most of the time to relax
A time for presents of lasting value
A time to draw attention to the universal good
Christmas is all of these things and many more
The promise of a a fun time is waiting in store
Wishing you a happy Christmas and a happy New Year!

The hard work of the year can be put back into its box
For a treat of a season is waiting for all
The warmth of the hearth is filling the room
Dispensing the fears and banishing gloom
A fantastic time for gathering thoughts,
Of how to create a promising future
And a marvellous present
Happy Christmas and the utmost respect!

For a most respected friend,
Celebrate with good company this year,
The coming of another special holiday,
Where we can enjoy the fruits of our labour,
And take the time t enjoy the perfect blend,
Of relaxation and re-energising our souls!

The middle of the Winter
Can be brightened at once
With the knowledge of all the good things
That are waiting just around the corner,
Wishes and the shiniest things
Can be the part of a perfect treat
For those who have worked hard and travelled far
Merry Christmas and a happy new year