Christmas Wishes for Runners

Run, run, run
It’s time to have
fun, fun, fun
Sprint to the tree
’tis the season for a spree
Happy Holidays is what you’ve won!

Hey runner, relax a little this season, your marathon is over for now. Feet up, running shoes off, you can even afford to indulge a little. And who knows? Santa may deliver some more running gear to take you hotfoot into the new year!

Santa’s jaunt is underway
A marathon that lasts night and day
Running from roof to roof
Don’t believe it?
Here’s the proof
Piles of presents waiting, it’s true!
His race is run, now it’s over to you

Why not take time out from the joy of running and relax a little? It’s the holidays, at last! Take a gentle run – careful on the ice – now and then, while a few extra portions and a drink or two with friends, can only set you up for another year when you’re going to be way ahead of the pack!

When there’s blisters on your feet
It’s time to come in out of the sleet
Enjoy the warmth of family and friends
Let hours of joy set the pace
Before setting out once more on life’s race

You’ve run all year to match your goals and you’ve achieved them! Well done! The reward is here: the holidays are a time when you can relish the joy of just stopping and relaxing for a while. Let the rest of the world do the running for you, for once. Happy Holidays!

Take your running shoes off
Relax by the fire
Warm tired toes, listen to the choir
A glass to quaff
A toast to make
Happy Holidays, so take a break!

You’ve pounded the streets all year, impressing us all with your dedication and tenacity. Honestly, you’re fitter now than you’ve ever been and boy do you deserve the holidays! You’re here now, so why not join us all in celebrating the finest season of the year. Happy Holidays!