Christmas Wishes for Soldiers

Even though you are overseas, I hope your Christmas is everything you dreamed it would be.

From our home to you, we wish you the merriest of Christmases.

No matter how far apart, you are always in our heart.

Thank you for fighting for our freedom; it is truly the greatest think I can think of during this holiday season.

Christmas is a time for making memories, and we can do that even though we are far apart.

Christmas is a time for making memories, and we will remember
this year as the one in which you were fighting for our freedom.

God bless you; you are truly a hero.

Christmas is a time to honor the heroes in our lives; therefore, we honor you during this season.

This season is one for happiness and joy; we hope you can feel that as you begin your Christmas Day.

Thank God for you on this Christmas Day!

How happy we truly are to have you back home with us on this
Christmas Day!

You keep us safe from harm, and you keep our hearts full of joy. On Christmas, we thank God for all that you have done.

Your presence is the greatest gift in the world on Christmas Day.

Christmas is not the same without you here, but we know you are fighting for a noble cause.

May God be with you on Christmas Day and always.

Know that we are all thinking of you during this special time of the year.

Know that we are all praying for you during the Christmas season.

Truly, Christmas is a time for rejoicing and happiness.

Remember, we are all thinking of you during this Christmas Season.

No matter how far away we are, we will always think of you as our lucky Christmas star.

We feel your spirit on this Christmas day, and it makes us want to laugh and play.

Your little ones are truly thinking of you during this blessed Christmas season, and they pray for their daddy every night.

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