Christmas Wishes for Staff Members

The fruits of labor are precious
While we often acknowledge this for ourselves
We may undervalue the others’
Let us not commit any such mistake tonight
May I wish you from the core of my heart
Days sublime and pleasant night
May peace, love, joy and you never fall apart!

For the childlike enthusiasm you continue to exhibit
For the loving heart that throbs underneath
For the guileless smile with flashes of your pearly white teeth
For the consistency with which every insincerity you forbid
For teaching us how to complete every task with spirit
For showing us how to be intrepid
While countering the angry fangs of misfortune preparing to bit
For being sensible and discreet
I owe you a gift
Let this then be it
May you be prosperous, happy and fit
During the entire stint
Of your journey on planet earth and beyond it!

On the eve of Christmas let me reveal to you
How valuable you are in this extended family of ours.
Your soothing tone, softness of the behavior, kindness of your eyes
Never went unnoticed even if we have not always told you so.
The earnestness with which you performed your daily tasks
And the value that you continuously added and accentuated
By your innovative approaches and sheer interest at your work
Is very highly regarded.
May you receive the greatest prize that life can bestow
On you. And continue with your sincerest effort of adding worth
To your own life and others to be very rich in time by God’s grace!

The warmth of your heart touched and nourished each one of ours, day in and day out; you have thriven with each of the challenges that you faced and devoted your heart and soul to your work; for these and also being an excellent human being, may you be blessed with a rewarding life in every possible way. Merry Christmas!

It may be cold outside but inside of this home feels warm
The trees outside are standing denuded
After having shed all their leaves
Yet how is it that we feel perpetual spring here?
Even though the morning is foggy
How come a ray of sunshine is playing
On the floor of my living room?
Do you understand it is you that affect
All these differences in appearance?
If not, then do not bother
For God is noticing everything,
And in due time he will make sure
That your life becomes
A collection of not merely days
But a neatly organized collage of
Many tangible and intangible riches!

May the book of your life be bound with golden thread; as anyone shifts through the pages may only light emanate from it; may that light fill up the reader’s heart and soul as gloriously as your selfless service and innocent smile; may the Almighty reward you aptly the way only he can. Merry Christmas!