Christmas Wishes for the Family

Christmas reminds me of the wonder shining in your eyes when you saw your first Christmas tree all decorated. It brings back memories of all the joy and happiness we shared every holiday season. Every Christmas is forever special because of the memories I have of you.

My wish for you is that this Christmas brings you all the joy and happiness that you have brought to me.

Merry Christmas!

You showed me how to make snowmen and ice angels. You helped me decorate our tree. We sang Christmas carols and shared gifts together. My greatest memories are of Christmas with all my family and those memories are made special because of you.
Thank you for teaching me to appreciate the magic of Christmas.

Christmas is a time of sharing, family, reflection and peace on Earth.
May the joy of the holidays stay with you all year long!

It’s time for the elves to fill Santa’s Christmas sleigh.
It’s time for Santa to harness his reindeer
It’s time to decorate the tree and hang the stockings.
I hope that Santa will bring you everything on your Christmas list!
The bells are ringing, the carollers are singing.
Christmas is near. Santa is coming.
Let’s celebrate Christmas together again this year!

Christmas is a time to be surrounded by the ones we love, the fire crackling merrily in the hearth and the snow upon the ground. It’s a time when our love of family brings special meaning to the holiday season. You are in our thoughts and wishes this Christmas.
May you celebrate the joys and happiness of Christmas together with your family.

Christmas is for children. Fortunately there is still a child in each of us.
Hoping you find many gifts under the tree and the presence of the Christmas spirit in your heart. We wish you the joy and happiness of a Christmas spent with family.

For Christmas, we wish you lots of presents under the tree and lots of love in your heart. The magic of winter fills my heart with joy whenever I think of you.
Merry Christmas