Christmas Wishes for Volunteers

May peace and joy be with you over the coming season’s festivities, and our heartfelt thanks to you for all your hard work and compassion for those in need. Your kindness has made many lives that bit more bearable this Christmas, and given hope for a brighter future.

Wishing you every peace and joy this coming Christmas. Thank you for all your continued support and compassion over the last year, without which those you have helped would find the struggle to find a way out of the darkness they face, that much harder.

Without the help of people like you, the beacon of light and hope to those in trouble cling to, would dim. Thank you for your time and continued kindness, and wishing you a very peaceful and joyful Christmas, and a new year filled with promise.

A very lovely Christmas and heartfelt thank you for all the time you have given so freely to ease the pain of others. The kindness you have shown to those in need during this season of goodwill will make a difference. Because of your love, the lives of the people you have touched will be a little less bleaker and the future seem a lot more hopeful and bright.

Thank you for all your help and hard work helping to care for all the animals we have rescued this past year. A very merry Christmas to you from all of us, and a heartfelt thanks from all the animals brought to safety by you. May the new year bring new hope for all of us, and new homes for all those animals in our care.

Thank you for caring for the many less fortunate souls to whom Christmas can be the loneliest time of year. You have brought hope and comfort to many. May your Christmas be as bright and wonderful, and the new year full of hope and joy.

Thank you for joining our small band of volunteers and giving your time freely whenever you can. It is kind helpers like you who make our job re homing animals that much easier, and allow us to help so many more. May you and your family enjoy a peaceful, wonderful Christmas, and move into the New Year with hope renewed for a brighter future for all animals.