Christmas Wishes for Wife

Christmas is the perfect time to show how much I care,
For the wife who brings me joy and chose my path to share

Merry Christmas to the one I love, may the stars shine on you from above.
May the festive season be filled with joy and cheer,
My wife, I’m glad to have you near.

Christmas only comes once a year and it gives me the chance to tell you how well I hold you dear,
I may not always show it, nor even have the words,
But every day is a special gift, with my wife who I adore,
So let’s celebrate together, and share a Christmas toast,
My wife how I cherish you, you’re the one I love the most.

My wife, being close to you this Christmas is what I long to do.
To laugh and love together, only me and only you,
May our days and nights be warm,
And filled with seasonal cheer,
May our dreams and wishes flourish,
Throughout the coming year.

When Santa comes to my house,
there’s just one thing I want,
My gorgeous wife beside me,
Home safe and sound and warm.

We celebrate the birth of Jesus with greetings for friends and those we love,
To honour the precious gift that we received from up above,
But words can’t begin to express my feelings for you my wife this day,
You’re the Christmas gift that I know will always stay,
So let’s join hands and give thanks in Jesus name,
For all the blessings we enjoy together every year,
And drink to health and happiness and everlasting festive cheer.

Dear wife,

Merry Christmas. I can’t begin to tell you how you brighten every day, and how much you mean to me. You’re the only one who understands the hopes and disappointments we share, and saying thank you at Christmas seems too little for all that we experience together each day of every year. I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas, and that you realise that my love for you is eternal. Christmas is the perfect time to make a point of reminding you how much I care. So Merry Christmas, for today and every day.