Christmas Wishes from far away

The best “Merry Christmas” comes from far away.

There’s no distance in the family at Christmas.

Every other day I think about how far away you are. At Christmas I think how close.

Merry Christmas from someone who’s far away to someone who’s near me.

We all celebrate Christmas. That’s why we’re all together.

If I weren’t so far away at Christmas, I’d give you a big hug. I think I’ll give you one anyway.

All those miles between us just connect us at Christmas.

I feel closest to you on Christmas Day. It doesn’t matter how far away I am.

At Christmas everyone reminds me of you. That’s why I love everybody.

Look for me under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. I’ll be there, not here.

You don’t need to save a chair for me at the table for Christmas dinner. I’ll be there before you.

Jesus wasn’t born here, but no one thinks he’s far away at Christmas. So don’t think I’m far away.

When we sing Christmas carols, we’re singing them together, no matter how far apart we are.

I know you have a Christmas crèche under the tree. Even from here I can see it.

It looks like the star on the Christmas tree is shedding light, but it’s really me sending that light from far away.

Don’t think I’m not near you at Christmas. I’m only a heartbeat away.

My favorite Christmas present is feeling that you’re near me.

When I eat Christmas dinner I can see you. Pass the turkey!

Although I’m far away today –
Here’s my Christmas wish –
First a present, then a laugh –
And then a Christmas kiss!

I know I don’t need to send you a present at Christmas, but here’s one anyway. It’s a secret we share although we’re apart.

There’s no reason to miss me at Christmas. I’m closer to you today then on any other day!

Christmas is for forgetting that we’re separated.

You should never feel lonely at Christmas, no matter where you are. On any other day it might make sense, but not at Christmas.

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