Christmas Wishes to Brother

Here’s a Christmas wish to you, not like any other.
For you are not only a friend, but my very special brother.
Let’s fill this holiday with lots of happiness and pleasure,
Laughs and good times we can share, and memories to treasure.

Christmas bells are ringing and the stars are shining bright,
The snow is falling lightly and our hearts are filled with light.
The carolers are singing, and their words are ringing true,
I’m glad to share these moments with a brother just like you.
Merry Christmas to my wonderful brother.

I love the smell of winter and the freshly fallen snow,
The candles in the windows, that cast their warming glow.
I love the sound of church bells and the singing choir too,
But what I love most about Christmas is spending time with you.
Merry Christmas, brother.

You have been in my life from the very start,
We’ve made lots of memories that I treasure in my heart.
You’ve always been so giving in everything you do,
I am so thankful for a brother who is as special as you.
Have a very Merry Christmas, brother.

A brother is a special gift, sent from Heaven above,
We’ve shared tears and laughter, happiness and love.
Family is a privilege and it’s so plain to see,
Just how wonderful having a brother like you can be.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a time of year when you’re in my thoughts so much,
I think back to all our memories and my heart is truly touched.
You have shown how much you care when you’re home and when you’re far,
Thank you for being a blessing, brother, you are always in my heart.

Some choose to give presents, while others send a card.
Some deliver special treats, made right from the heart.
This Christmas I’m making a wish that’s plain to see,
That having a brother like you is the only gift for me.

We may have fought when we were young, we also laughed and cried.
It was often hard to show the love that we both had inside.
As we grew, we formed a bond that is still true today,
A love that’s shared by family and will never fade away.
I could not choose who would be my brother, but so glad it was you,
I wish you a Merry Christmas and joy the whole year through.

As I gaze at all the ornaments hanging on the tree,
I’m reminded of our childhood, a quite fond memory.
Our family is so special and brother, you are too,
I’m sending out this Christmas wish especially for you.

The sun makes the snow look like glitter on the ground,
Pleasant Christmas music playing is the only sound.
The holiday is approaching, it’s getting very near,
And once the day arrives, brother, I know that you’ll be here.
We can share the beauty that the season has to give,
And continue making memories where in our hearts they’ll live.

Christmastime is in the air,
Love in is my soul.
Let’s reminisce of our childhood,
And laugh at stories told.
You are my friend and brother, and for that I’m glad,
This holiday will be the best that we have ever had.