Cute Christmas Quotes

Christmas is the time of year where everyone is full of cheer. Let all the times be most merry. Come on ladies, let’s get to the Sherry.

Merry, merry, it’s tinsel time. Grab a friend and get in line. Mistletoe is hanging just over there.
Watch out ladies who stands where!

Christmas comes and Christmas goes as Eggnog in a river flows. Halloween is over with all the scary. Grab a buddy and lets all get merry.

Santa said you were really naughty. Thanks, babe. You’re getting a really good present this year.

Christmas makes my world glow every time I think of Mistletoe. Meet me dear, right over there. After all, it is the season to show we care.

Tinsel, bows, ribbons, and paper, all together for a Christmas caper.

Christmas is the time of year one should be full of good cheer.
There’s the excuse! Go ahead on and grab one another beer.

Chocolate, cookies, Christmas treats; it really has to be the eats. I can’t resist. They are all so sweet. My diet is the one taking the heat.

Tis the season of holly so get on your jolly!

Chess nuts roast and the Christmas party sparkles but what makes me smile are all the vodkas.

Monsters, followed by turkeys, then Santa promising something I don’t get. Did I miss another election?

America loves Christmas more than sports and beer. Grab onto your merry and get it in gear!

I told my wife she would never guess my one of a kind present this year. She sure was surprised on Christmas morning when I was wearing just the ribbon and some cheer.

It brings alcohol, sugar, presents and cheer. What better holiday could precede the New Year?

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