Evil Christmas Quotes

Christmas and evil have nothing to do with one another even in mixed company.

To evildoers, I say, experience one Christmas through my eyes, and you’ll never sin again.

Whoever thought up evil was not in on the committee that invented Christmas.

If ever there was an opposite to evil it would be Christmas, I’d say.

Evil has the feel of killing to the root. Christmas has the opposite effect on the soul.

If evil exists, only Christmas could drive it all the way extinct.

Christ is to evil what light is to the dark. Christmas is to the dark like too many stars to count.

Christmas and evil, what could they know of each other?

Evil drives the Christmas out of our souls.

If you wrung all the good out of Christmas, it would still cheer you up.

Some things are just dumb: Evil is on that list. Christmas is not.

If evil exists it never met Christmas. Christmas would have melted its heart or stopped it, cold.

If I ever knew of an antidote to evil, it would have to be Christmas.

Any holiday that boasts of a flying gift-giving elderly cheery man on a silver sleigh pulled by reindeer definitely has no touch of evil about it. None.

Well, I could tell you a tale of woe, but I’ll just tell you about Christmas instead.

Rebirth has nothing to do with darkness, so Christmas can just get that affair with evil out of its mind.

Christmas evil is not on the list of Christmas time, Christmas thanks, and Christmas love. That’s because Christmas kills evil, dead.

It’s not because lights are used to celebrate Christmas that evil can’t touch it. It’s because it’s about a man who died for our sins. Period.

Sometimes the greatest sacrifice, like Christ’s, is the only thing that can ever be a complete and total antidote to evil. Evil can’t take root with that kind of gift around.

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