Funny Christmas Quotes for Adults

Everyone else is talking about the Christmas cheer, but I’m just talking about the Christmas beer.

Everyone is looking forward to the Christmas cheer, but I’m just eagerly awaiting the Christmas cheer.

What are the chances that Santa slides down the chimney with a satchel full of wine and champagne?

Friends, at Christmas, I wish you the merriest of tidings and the heartiest of beverages.

This Christmas season, can we please not all get sappy? Have some egg nog and just get happy!

Getting sappy at Christmas just isn’t for me. Instead, can you pour a little bit of whiskey into that tea?

In order to truly recreate the Christmas mornings of our childhood, please recognize that we will soon dress you up in a furry animal suit from great-great grandmother.

Little sister, Christmas mornings were always about stealing your toys. Now, look out! I think someone’s got her eye on your boys!

Presents, gifts and all of that are grand. But, hey, with this wine bottle, can you give me a hand?

Christmas is about the hysterical moments that we all share together.

Without immense amounts of laughter and joy, Christmas just
would not be the same in our household.

No matter how crazy we may be during the Christmas season, at least we are all in it together.

Spending time together, no matter how ridiculous we truly are, is my favorite part of Christmas.

I still laugh for hours on end when I see you in that funny Christmas suit!

It seems that Santa has blessed you with some of his poundage this Christmas season.

Gingerbread men, cookies and lots of little treats. When in the world are we going to get these eats?

Waiting for Christmas morning is like waiting for a delayed train; we just want it to get here already but we know that once it comes, it will speed away quite quickly.

Well, my bank account is empty after this Christmas season, but at least I still have family like you!

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