Funny Christmas Quotes for Friends

Friends, you truly make Christmas what it is: a slapstick comedy in this family!

Friend, without you, my Christmas would truly be bright.

If you’re going to be celebrating Christmas with this family, then you need to put your hilarity hat on right now!

Have a drink, make a toast and celebrate the holiday that we love most!

To you, my friends, I give a cheers! To you, my friends, at Christmas I give some beers!

Alas, I know it was me under the tree you wanted to see, but on Christmas morning, no where found shall I be!

Hey, if Christmas is supposed to be merry, what are you doing here?

Here’s a toast to lots of frothy beverages and yummy drinks from Christmas Eve until the new year rolls on in.

If I didn’t have friends like you, Christmas just wouldn’t be the carnival that is usually is.

Celebrating Christmas with you brings so much humor into my life.

A good old-fashioned Christmas? More like a Christmas with the new-age technology buff of the century!

Ah, friend! You are finally here! I know what you want; the egg nog’s right over there.

Would you like some Christmas thanks or perhaps a bunch of Christmas pranks?

Growing up with you has been worth all of the glasses of egg nog in the world.

Would you like to open a present? Would you like to open a gift? Friend, let’s just celebrate Christmas and get over this silly rift.

When we have close friends, the hilarity of Christmas will never come to an end.

When you come over for Christmas, we truly never know what to expect.

You bring the giggles and laughter to each and every Christmas celebration.

This year? Coal for you!

When you look in your stocking and see coal, make sure you blame our other friend.

Christmas gifts from friends are great as long as it’s not another picture frame, candle or piece of stale cake!

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