Humorous New Year Quotes

With 365 days in the new year, at least half of them should be “good days.”
Happy New Year to you and the best of luck.

Celebrate and enjoy the beginning of the New Year,
But watch your ps & qs – pints and quarts, that is.
Happy New Year to ya!

It is said that the secret to happiness is to embrace the present.
But that doesn’t mean embrace every girl at the New Year’s Eve Party.
Show restraint! Happy New Year.

Remember – you’re getting older and a little slower.
But your spirit is still going strong. That doesn’t mean
you can have all the spirits you want. Take it easy and have
A Happy New Year.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
Getting into the stock market may help you with one of these, but
not so sure about the other two!

Five, four, three, two, one – Blast off to a fun and fantastic New Year.

Savor each day of the New Year.
Don’t let the days pass you by.
Get yourself up out of bed
And get out there and enjoy!

Hummm -it’s resolution time again.
Go for it – lose weight, exercise more, stop with the chocolate! Good luck – I’m
betting you’ll last a week, at most.
Have a Happy New Year, anyway!

Buddy, here’s your assignment for the year.
Love, laugh and put the cap back on the toothpaste.
Seriously, Have a good New Year.

As you journey along the 365 – day new year,
Don’t look back –
The tax man is right behind you.
Happy New Year.

It’s the New Year. Get yourself out of bed.
Don’t wait till the cows come home. Up and at’em.
Meet the day with a smile.
Oh yah I forgot, you were drunk as a skunk last night.
Happy New Year!

Walk, don’t run to the nearest Lottery Ticket Office.
I have a feeling that it’s your lucky year.
Have a happy and prosperous New Year.