Kindergarten Christmas Poems

Gather ’round children for a story about Santa Claus,
but remember when during Christmas what is the true cause.
Many years ago on this holy day,
a baby, Jesus Christ the Son, came our way.
He brought us so many gifts that are better than any we could receive,
and he taught us that no longer do we need to grieve.

Cookies, milk and so much more!
We cannot wait until Santa comes to our door!
His red hat, his jolly laugh and his black shoes,
will soon come to our houses with his reindeer and their hooves!

When Santa comes down the chimney in a few days,
remember to say thank you and to give a lot of praise.
For Santa has spent a lot of time on that night
bringing gifts to children far and wide.

Santa Claus gets to travel all over the world the night before Christmas Day,
so be sure to have some cookies and milk out when he comes to your way.
You might want to leave some little treats for his reindeer too.
A bowl full of yummy carrots will certainly do!

Christmas is a time of year to be happy about the world and all that we have.
Make sure on Christmas Day, you are sure to say thank you to your mom and dad.
Of course, on top of that, you must say thanks to Santa Claus.
Remember, for your gifts, he is the cause.

Learning how to enjoy the Christmas season
is quite possible, if you are willing to learn the true reason.

When you receive this poem,
it is certainly something that you can take home.
We hope you have a very wonderful Christmas and a holiday,
enjoy it with your family in any way you may.

Only a few days are left of school,
and the weather is becoming more and more cool.
Soon, Christmas Day is going to be here,
and everyone will be full of so much cheer.

Before we have our last school day,
please know we’re sending a merry Christmas your way!

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