New Year New Beginning Wishes

The start of anything is usually very exciting. Getting a new job is often a reason for celebration. Marrying your soul mate is what most people dream of. A new baby can be absolutely breathtaking. The newness of these things make us hopeful. After the newness wears off, the reality of difficulties set in and we realize that this new thing is now quite a burden or responsibility. We need to remember the joy we felt at the beginning. Sometimes this joy can give us the fuel we need to keep pressing on. Others times we need to realize that the new thing no longer fits who we are. You might out grow a job or relationship. Don’t let the beginning of something keep you from seeing when the end has come.

Gratefulness is something most people feel when they get something they really wanted. They are absolutely thrilled to have gotten this thing, this person, or something else. When we don’t stay grateful for the beginning of that relationship, the beginning of that job, the beginning of that new life, we become ungrateful. We grumble and complain. We now want some other new beginning. At these times when we are wishing for another new beginning, take time to appreciate those things we already have.

Most people know that how you let people treat you in the beginning will dictate how they will treat you in the relationship. Start out the way you want to end. Oftentimes, we allow people to be unkind to us and we make excuses for them. We give them the benefit of the doubt. People often reveal who they are in the very beginning of a relationship. It is up to us to figure out if this person is worth keeping in our life. If a person is unkind or disrespectful in the beginning, chances are this is the way they will be throughout the relationship. We must have the courage to stop bad behavior in the beginning. Don’t waste our precious time trying to fix someone else. Allow them to be who they are without you in the picture.