New Year Quotes about a New Start / Beginning

What if the New Year were about getting a complete do-over on life?

New year, new bottle! Pass it over!

Why does the new year come in winter? Everything’s so dark and dreary and depressing; it doesn’t seem like a good time for a new start at all. But maybe that’s the point. You start over and then you blossom. Not the other way around.

Ah, New Year’s. The best day ever for deciding that you’ll actually be the person you want to be, if only for January second while the resolution lasts.

The new year is like a giant eraser for the old one. It’s gone just like the party champagne. Time for a brand new start.

If life gave do-overs, they would come at New Year’s.

Every new year is a chance to fix what you messed up last year. Isn’t it great?

Here’s to the new year! Thank God the old one’s gone!

Nothing will ever be so full of promise and hope as a birth, whether it’s the birth of a new career, a new idea, a new baby, or a new year. There is nothing quite like the power of a new beginning.

What if, instead of making a resolution to make ourselves better people every new year, everyone made a resolution to do something for the greater good at least once in the year? How much would the world be transformed in just one year? Would we recognize it? How much would we change in the process?

This is New Year’s Day. This is a day of new beginnings, a time to remember where we have been and look ahead to where we want to go, and is an excellent time to draw a map between the two.

Who am I? I am not the same person I was yesterday. That was a whole year ago. I’m completely new now.