New Year Quotes about Resolutions

Happy New Year! Time to lose that 20 pounds, get that great job, and get that perfect spouse…wait, those are wishes, not resolutions

It’s the New Year, so it’s time to make promises to ourselves that we’ll end up breaking within a few weeks

Happy New Year! It’s the time to lose the 10 pounds we gained from Thanksgiving to Christmas…again

The New Year is that special time when we see fresh starts and ways to improve ourselves. We always promise ourselves that we’ll stick with our resolutions, but the thing about them is that they’re meant to be broken!

A College Graduate’s List of Resolutions for the New Year: 1. Get a paying job, preferably not at McDonald’s. 2. Don’t move back in with the folks. 3. Somehow pay off $100,000+ in student loans without going into the sex trade.

A Single Girl’s List of Resolutions for the New Year: 1. Find the perfect man (or woman). 2. Lose weight without going down a bra size. 3. Come up with newer, better excuses for being single.

Instead of making frivolous New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or make more money, why don’t we make resolutions to love ourselves and each other more?

A Late Twenty-Something Woman’s List of Resolutions for the New Year: 1. Make more money. 2. Start dating people who are in their thirties since they make you feel younger. 3. Try to find someone with a good job and health insurance who will marry you before your eggs dry up.

Why do we go through the yearly cycle of New Year’s resolutions? I believe it’s because we constantly dream of ourselves as better versions with more perfect lives. If we’re always chasing a dream of what could be, we’ll never be happy enough to enjoy the present.