New Year Wishes about Nature

The new year has dawned and many people are being drawn to the whimsical presence of nature. Let the crisp winds of winter blow away your fears and begin anew.

New Year’s marks a pivotal change in the environment. As winter melts into dewy spring, the spirit of change permeates the world with vigor. Allow your senses to diffuse into the air and be invigorated.

As flowers unribbon and writhe in the balmy spring air, remind yourself that the new year has only just begun. As the seasons change, may your resolve remain hinged into the swells of our world.

The gleaming frost of winter will soon be but a fleeting memory, and when New Year’s Day comes to a close, be content in the fact that it’s only the beginning of your journey.

Before the earth can be completely expunged of darkness, take delight in stepping outside your door as the the rosy plumes of sunset engulf your form in a haze of warmth. The new year will provide you with the glow of discovery, just as the sun unleashes light in wake of the moon.

There’s something delightfully alluring about the glittering of fresh grass with new flowers. As their petals open, we can be more accepting of change within ourselves. May your new year glisten as the dew on a rose.

New Year’s presents an opportunity to seize all that you love most. Don’t let your passions slip between fingertips and float away on the wind. Grasp them with a taloned grip and challenge the onslaught of wind.

The new year should be a time of rejuvenation and inspiration. If you’re feeling down, let the cool breeze of the night energize your senses. You’d be surprised at how much nature can uplift the mind and body.

A new arrival begins to take his first wobbly steps as he slides through dew coated grass in a flourish of wispy hair and ebony hooves. The new year will bring about changes for everyone on earth, so never feel as though you’re alone. May your year be as bright and fresh as the sprightly form of a newborn foal.