New Year Wishes for Grandparents

Good grandparents are something that every child should have growing up. It is truly an honor to be a grandparent. You have raised your own child and now you have the opportunity to pass on the legacy to a new generation. Grandparents your role is critical in the child’s life. The parents will likely be rushed and overwhelmed by the responsibility, but you have the wisdom from years of experience to give this child a solid foundation to stand on. Know that your role in this child’s life is important, and always be a good example to them.

Thank God for grandparents. Who would spoil the kids if it were not for loving grandparents? It is fine to spoil our grand kids;however, we are still responsible for instilling discipline in them. Of course the parents are first in charge, we can also be effective disciplinarians. Our wisdom and patience goes a long way towards raising the child.

Some grandparents have had to assume the role of parent for different reasons. Just know that what you are doing is noble. You have raised your own child and now you have the opportunity to correct some of the mistakes you might have made with your own kids. It will be tough at times. Your energy level may not be what it used to be, but your work is so important in the life of this child. You will literally mold another generation in your family. Be very proud that you are able to assume this role. Many kids don’t have grandparents that want to raise them, or they may not have grandparents that are able to.

It is hard not to say something to our grown kids when they are raising our grand kids. However, it is important to let them lead the way in the raising of their child. We can certainly be very supportive and helpful, but it is not good to try to control what happens. Offer your advice when it is asked and have the wisdom to know when to stay quiet.” If we are patient, our children will sometimes seek our input.