New Year Wishes for my Husband

To my dear husband, who has stood beside me for all of these years, I can only look at our new year together and smile. I know that we do not always have an easy road ahead of us. I know that it can be difficult to make life work the way that we want to. However, I have complete faith in us and the power that can we wield in our four hands together.

When I look backward, I see all the love that exists between us, and when I look forward, I know that what is behind us is nothing compared to what we are going to have in the future. On the cusp of this new year, I can see where we are going, and frankly, I cannot wait. We’re going to have an amazing future together, and we are going to be exploring it together. I love you, and I know that that is only going to grow more and more as time goes on.

Many people think that we should fear the future. It’s true, we don’t always know what is going to happen to us. There are things that we cannot control, and there are challenges that we cannot even imagine yet. However, I know that wherever we go, we are going together, and that makes me brave and even eager to see this new year begin. You make me braver than I have ever been.

They say that you should begin as you intend to go on, and the new year is a perfect opportunity for me to say how I want to begin. This year, I want to love you and support you more than I ever have, and I want my high expectations of you to be borne out. We fit in ways that I could never imagine people fitting together, and this shows me that we have so much more to learn with each other. I see a lot of fun in our future, and as we begin this year, I know that we are going to run forward to meet it together.