New Year Wishes for my Parents

Good parents are simply priceless. Those parents who sacrifice continually for the good of their children. Know that your labor is never in vain. You are the first line of defense for protecting and nurturing that child. You are the first teacher and counselor for that child. Never let anyone try to trivialize your role as a parent. There is no position that is more honorable. Nothing can even compare to the enormous responsibility it takes to raise another human being. So take cheer. Pat yourself on the back and be very proud that you are doing a great job.

Endurance and patience are just two of the necessary character traits it takes to be an effective parent. Children will constantly test you and push the limits, but a good parent sets boundaries and is vigilant about keeping the child within those boundaries.It takes endurance to constantly reinforce the boundaries. Consistency is an absolute must. The consequences must be consistent every time.

Parents you can have 3 different children in the same home and raise them the same and still have a child that disappoints you. We as parents blame ourselves so much for whatever our kids do when they grow up. We do impact them tremendously, but they do have a mind and personality of their own. They will make choices that you don’t agree with, but you need to know that you probably did the best you could at that time. Trust that whatever good you put in them will produce good results in time.

Most parents are anxious for their child to move on to the next stage. When they are infants, we look forward to getting a good night’s rest. When they are toddler’s, we look forward to them understanding language and speaking. There is always a different stage, but we must learn to be in the moment at each stage. Each stage has its pros and cons. Don’t fret so much over the stage that you forget to enjoy the beauty of that child in that stage. Just know one day you will miss those days.