New Year Wishes to Doctors

Doctors you are gifted with talents that save lives and improve the quality of lives. You have a highly esteemed position with a great deal of power. Always remember your vow to first do no harm. Stay humble. Stay passionate about your craft. Doctors you are required to work long hours with little rest. Use wisdom and know when enough is enough. You work very hard, so take the time to play hard. Allow yourself to be refreshed and renewed. You will be a better doctor for it.

People have a lot of faith in you doctors. They trust you with their very lives. Always practice your craft with excellence. Please be honest with yourself if you need time away. Don’t allow yourself to get burned out.

Being able to save a life must be an incredible feeling. The ability to find the cause of a person’s illness and bring relief to them is quite a gift. A new year will bring new challenges. New patients will need different care. Your skills will always be put to the test. Be humble enough to ask when you don’t know the answer. You must put aside your ego and pride and put the well-being of your patient first.

Doctors take the time to treat your patients with respect and dignity. Take the time to listen to them. Oftentimes, they know when something is not quite right with their own bodies. They need your expertise to diagnose it. If a patient challenges your diagnosis, please do not take it personal. You are human, and humans make mistakes. Do not limit the best care to the patient with the most money. Please use your gift generously with all human beings. All life is valuable and deserves to be preserved.

Doctors remember to take time for your family. Medicine is important, but your job should not crowd out those who need you at home. If you have to work longer than normal hours, make a point to make it up to your family some other way. Show them that you understand that it is hard to be married to medicine. It is hard to be the child of a person that is a doctor.