Religious Christmas Poems

When people look at the meaning of Christmas Day,
some of them think they can interpret it in any way they may.
However, these individuals are really quite wrong,
for you will learn that Jesus is the real meaning of the season in this little song.

In this new century, many people dismiss the idea of religion.
On top of that, they do not wish to acknowledge the truth of Jesus as God’s son.
In order to make sure that our Savior is honored and praised in the right way,
we need to keep in mind what the true meaning is of Christmas Day.

Christmas is not about the gifts and not about the toys.
Christmas is not about finding cute outfits for our little girls and boys.
Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, on this earth.
Christmas is about caring and showing love for others in honor of his birth.

When you wake up on Christmas morning, you probably want to run right to the tree.
However, take a few minutes to sit quietly and to just be.
It’s a time for reflection, honor and praise.
It’s a time to think of Christ who came to watch us for all our days.

So many years ago, a babe was born in a stable.
Of saving this world and humanity, he was more than able.
Today, some like to put his name down with a great force of might.
We, as Christians, must remember that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ came here to save us from our sins,
but that message is not always translated to our kin.
Before your children open the presents and play with their toys,
be sure to read a biblical story about how Christ has saved all girls and boys.

When you start your Christmas celebrations this year,
you are sure to want to quickly embrace all of the cheer.
Remember, though, this holiday is not just about gifts, food and a drink.
It’s about Christ who came to the world to save us and of him you should think.

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