Romantic New Year Wishes

May your New Year be filled with the love of that very special person you hold most dear to your heart.

Each New Year is a time to be thankful for the man who is responsible for the love in your life. Treasure his thoughtfulness, respect his beliefs, and be willing to forgive after a disagreement. Remember that love isn’t perfect, but it’s worth fighting for.

Men, be thankful for that special woman who will stand by your side as you start another New Year. You may not always understand her point of view, but keep in perspective all the wonderful reasons why you love her. She is worth fighting with and fighting for.

Whatever you identify with as love, and no matter who you love, keep that person close to your heart during this New Year. Love knows no boundaries and no one can keep you from giving your heart to a soul you feel matches your own.

In this New Year, make sure to tell the person who has your heart that you love him or her every single day. Remember to say it after each hello and each goodbye. Life is too quick and each moment is too precious to waste.

Keep your heart and mind open to falling in love during this New Year. You never know when you will meet the right person, so give each worthy opportunity a chance. That special person will make himself or herself known to you with time. And don’t let the past dictate what your future will be with a new partner.

Let love find you this New Year. Keep your eyes open for new possibilities with old friends and let new friends get a little closer if they prove themselves worthy. Love is that beauty that everyone should allow themselves to experience.