Rude New Year Quotes

appy New Year! I’m not gonna buy you a beer!

Oh, you’re still here? There goes my happy new year!

Roses are red, violets are blue, a happy new year I’m NOT wishing you!

You’re an auld acquaintance I should forget!

Why don’t you make a New Year resolution to take up running? Away from me, that is

It was a long December, and now it’s New Year’s. Was it good for you? ‘Cause I can’t remember!

Oh, you’re Chinese? So what are you gonna be for the new year–snake, rat, or dog?

If the new year means fresh beginnings, then you are definitely stale

One superstition of New Year’s is not to sweep anything out the door. Judging by the looks of this place, you must think it’s a new year everyday!

You’re so fat, you should volunteer to be the ball that drops on Times Square!

Put those goofy new year’s glasses back on, you looked much better that way!

What does Dick Clark have that you don’t? A casket

Happy New Year? What’s so happy about it?

Same shit, different year

So one of your new year resolutions is to lose weight? Are you getting divorced?

May your new year be filled with the same old bullshit that drove you crazy last year

At this special time of year, where are all of your special friends?

For this new year, may your days be long and your nights be short

Transsexuals don’t really like the phrase Happy New Year’s Eve, they prefer Happy New Adam!

Roses are red, violets are blue, Dick Clark died, why don’t you?

Happy new year, eh? Here, have a bottle of shut the hell up!

You mean it’s another year already? I was still being unhappy in the last one!

Roses are red, violets are blue, the new year sucks, and so do you!