Spiritual Christmas Quotes

Amidst the noise and merriment of the Christmas season, let us observe a moment of silence. Close your eyes and reflect on a humble babe, born in the lowliest of circumstances, yet destined to become the Savior of the world. Open your heart to a love so deep that no sacrifice was too great. Rest your head on a shoulder broad enough to bear the weight of all mankind. Then, let the true meaning of Christmas guide your thoughts and actions this holiday season.

Lift your voice and join with the multitude of the heavenly host to proclaim His glory. May your heart be filled with His everlasting song of joy and peace this Christmas season.

Who is this child that shepherds and kings alike bow down before him? Give Jesus his rightful place as King of your heart and life this holiday season.

Christmas is a season for reflection – to think of times past and make plans for the future. As you look ahead to the coming year, remember the One who holds past, present and future in His hands. Commit your way to Him, and He will guide your steps and light your path.

Of all the Christmas gifts you give, the most enduring will be those special moments of love and laughter. Relax and let the light of Jesus shine in your heart and home this holiday season.

The best part of Christmas morning is the laughter of children – resounding with pure joy and happiness. Humble yourself like a child this holiday season and experience once more the true magic of Christmas.

Hustle, bustle, hurry and worry – do these words describe your holiday experience? There is a better way. Replace them with love, joy, peace and serenity when you remember the reason for the season. The greatest gift has already been given, so let nothing overshadow it.

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