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You can use the text on our site free of charge for private purposes at any time. The copyright for all content lies with the operators of christmasquotes.co. We are happy for our text to be used in SMS messages, e-mail, on postcards or in letters free of charge.

Sharing our texts online without indicating the source with a link to our site is prohibited. If, for instance, you would like to publish one of our texts on your website, blog or in a forum, this is only permitted if an indication of the source with a link to our website is located clearly visibly underneath the poem. This is the only way we can ensure that our content, which was crafted with a lot of care, can always be traced back to us.

So, for instance, if you would like to publish a poem from our subpage “http://www.christmasquotes.co/christmas-wishes-for-best-friends/”, the indication of the source must take one of the following forms:

Found on christmasquotes.co

Source: christmasquotes.co

Copyright christmasquotes.co

Taken from christmasquotes.co

Origin: christmasquotes.co

Or a direct link to the respective subpage:


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